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Transform your email campaigns with captivating GIFs that breathe life into your promotions. Grab your subscribers' attention and prompt them to act.​

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Showcase your promotions like never before. eyeris.io allows you to emphasize your offers with animated GIFs, making your deals irresistible to subscribers.​

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Experience a substantial increase in revenue – up to 63% – as dynamic content keeps subscribers engaged and more likely to convert.​

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eyeris.io is a true game-changer for email marketing. It's incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze to navigate and utilize. The best part? It brings a fresh and engaging approach to your campaigns, helping your brand truly stand out. Since using eyeris.io, I've seen remarkable improvements in my conversion rates.​
My-Happy Feet, Footwear Brand​
​This application is magic for our eyes. eyeris.io is Simply Fantastic! Various templates, campaigns, videos, photos, completely integrable with products and online store! Excellent for sharing directly on Social Networks... I highly recommend it, as you won't regret it with so much power this App has. ❤️ Thank you for this pearl!
Acexarme, Men Accessories Brand
eyeris.io's seamless integration with our product catalog, including AI-generated CTAs and marketing suggestions, is powerful and aligns with the current AI landscape. The abundance of template options for both images and videos ensures a perfect fit for your campaigns, even if you’re as picky as we are.
OwU, Home Goods Brand