OwU's Black Friday Success: 50% Engagement Boost with eyeris.io

Brasov, RO

About OwU

OwU is a Home Goods & Lifestyle ecommerce brand that offers a wide range of high-quality, sustainable products for the modern home. From stylish furniture and decor to kitchen gadgets and gourmet food, OwU is dedicated to bringing comfort, style, and functionality to every living space.

Ovidiu, Ecommerce Expert and Alexandra, Digital Marketing Specialist, started OwU in 2022 with a shared passion for bringing unique offers and quality products to their customers' homes, all while building a sustainable marketplace that “positively impacts the environment one order at a time”.

The Challenge

Efficiently promoting their Black Friday offers on social channels.

As Black Friday approached, OwU faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace and capturing the attention of their target audience. They wanted to create excitement and generate more traffic and sales for their Black Friday promotions.

With a growing product catalog, OwU needed to avoid monotony in their promotional strategy. After brainstorming ideas, they devised an innovative plan: a month-long campaign from November 1st to 30th, featuring daily discounts on different products or product categories. Each day, a surprise "Offer of the Day" would be revealed on their website, accompanied by a 24-hour discount voucher for loyal customers and new subscribers.

However, the challenge remained of efficiently advertising these daily promotions on social media channels such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. OwU recognized the need for engaging visual content to drive interest in their Black Friday offers and increase website traffic and sales. They needed a solution that would save them time and effort, given the numerous products and promotions they were juggling.

Canva became impractical due to the extensive design work required. They needed a more efficient and streamlined approach to creating their promotional content on a daily basis.

The Solution

Leveraging eyeris.io to create captivating social media content

To efficiently promote their daily Black Friday offers on social channels, OwU turned to eyeris.io. The transformative AI ecommerce marketing platform allowed them to easily create visually stunning videos and images for their campaign.

Using eyeris.io’ extensive templates library, branding capabilities and direct product feed integration, OwU quickly generated eye-catching content for each daily promotion. With just a few clicks, they simply selected the products on sale, personalized the templates to match their branding, and generated social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


Everyday, OwU posted dynamic videos in the morning and captivating images in the afternoon to showcase the featured product or product category. They also utilized engaging stories to maintain excitement throughout the day, keeping their audience eagerly checking their social media platforms.

"eyeris.io's seamless integration with our product catalog, including AI-generated CTAs and marketing suggestions, is powerful and aligns with the current AI landscape. The abundance of template options for both images and videos ensures a perfect fit for your campaigns, even if you’re as picky as we are."
Ovidiu Gyerko – Co-founder &E-commerce Manager @ OwU

By leveraging eyeris.io's seamless content creation and direct social media integration, OwU saved valuable time and resources, avoiding the need for manual design work. This allowed them to focus on delivering a remarkable shopping experience and maximizing their reach and engagement. Their audience checked OwU's social media platforms every day to see if their desired product was on sale, generating a sense of excitement and anticipation.

The Results

A highly successful Black Friday campaign


increase in engagement

OwU's strategic use of eyeris.io to create engaging social media content resulted in impressive results for their Black Friday campaign. In the month of November alone, they experienced a 50% increase in engagement compared to previous months.


revenue boost

Additionally, the campaign led to a substantial boost in revenue, with OwU generating an impressive 30 000 EUR in additional sales. The combination of their powerful marketing strategy and eyeris.io's visually stunning content proved to be a winning formula for success.

Not only did OwU see a significant increase in sales, but they also acquired hundreds of new happy customers who were drawn in by the captivating content and enticing promotions.

Moving forward, OwU plans to continue using eyeris.io's powerful features and templates to create visually stunning and engaging content for their upcoming campaigns. The flawless integration ofeyeris.io into their marketing strategy has proven to be a game-changer for OwU, driving continued success and growth.