My-Happy Feet

How My-Happy Feet increased email marketing revenue by 63% with AI-powered GIFs

Ohio, US

About My-Happy Feet

My-Happy Feet is The Original Foot Alignment Socks brand, designed to separate, stretch, and align your toes to minimize the harmful effects of daily foot stress due to improper, narrow, and confining footwear.

Eva Nemcik developed the socks in 2007 in effort to combat her own foot pain caused by mis-alignment of the toes, resulting in a patented product that has since been sold worldwide with fantastic testimonials.

The Challenge

Improve email marketing conversion rates

The brand had been using targeted email campaigns to showcase sales and promotions for a few years now.  

However, given the recent tremendous drop in consumer attention span, and with the average person nowadays receiving between 100 and 120 emails per day, My-Happy Feet realized the crucial need to create more engaging and entertaining emails in order to captivate subscribers, motivate them to take action, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

And it needed to do all of that quickly, without lots of design effort, and without hurting deliverability and unsubscribe rates.

"People receive HUNDREDS of emails a day. If you want to stand out while keeping your deliverability high, you need to create interactive content ( is an amazing tool for that) and send it to the most engaged group of subscribers."
Ugo Balestrazzi - Email & SMS Marketing Consultant | Founder of Corbulo Star Media

The Solution

Leverage AI to create eye-catching email GIFs for their promotions

With, they were able to leverage the power of AI and create dynamic GIFs to replace static images for their promotional campaigns. This approach was meant to introduce a new level of interactivity and visual appeal to their emails, capturing the attention of subscribers and making their brand stand out.’s extensive templates library together with easy customization options allowed for the creation of on-brand, unique GIF content for My-Happy Feet in less than 5 minutes. Easy, fast & fully automated.

Add a compelling discount and a clear CTA, and they got a recipe bound to boost sales during their Easter and Spring email campaigns.

The Results

Increased revenue from email campaigns

Through split-testing between the dynamic GIFs and static images, My-Happy Feet experienced a significant 54% and 63% boost in revenue for their Easter and Spring campaigns, surpassing expectations.

email marketing revenue boost

And, most importantly, there was no impact on deliverability and unsubscribe rates. The emails reached the subscribers' inboxes effectively, ensuring optimal visibility. At the same time, using dynamic GIFs did not result in any significant change in unsubscribe rates, indicating that subscribers remained engaged and receptive to the enhanced email content.

impact on deliverability and unsubscribe rates

The GIFs created with captivated subscribers, broke the pattern of traditional emails, and delivered engaging content that resonated with My-Happy Feet’s audience. The substantial revenue growth demonstrated the effectiveness of dynamic content in driving engagement and boosting email marketing conversion rates.