Best ecommerce product videos for social media
Jan 20, 2023

5 types of ecommerce product videos to scale your brand on social media in 2023

Sabina Bahna
Posting ecommerce product videos on social media is no longer a matter of content preferences, but of staying relevant and on top of your competitors.

In 2023, the number of ecommerce stores using product videos is skyrocketing. This means that jumping on this trend is no longer a matter of content preferences, but of staying relevant and on top of your competitors.

Why is social media video marketing so powerful for ecommerce?


All stats indicate that consumers nowadays prefer video above all other types of visuals. In fact, according to Statista, besides recommendations from friends and family, TikTok videos are the number one factor influencing Gen Z females’ purchasing decisions in the US in 2021.

And TikTok is not the only platform focused on short, engaging video content (with ‘short’ being the keyword here, as our attention span becomes lower and lower every year). Think IG Reels, Facebook Stories, or even YT Shorts.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are all powerful networks together registering more than 8 million active users per month. These are not numbers easy to look past. It’s clear that this entire ecosystem can and must be leveraged as part of any great ecommerce marketing plan.

Social media video marketing means exactly that. Making the most of these channels by bringing this fun and easy to digest form of content in front of your customers, keeping them engaged with your brand and delighting them with a visual that they enjoy watching from start to finish, before scrolling to consume the next thing on their feed.

However, as aware as you might be that you need to be posting video content regularly to engage with your audience and reach new customers, you may still feel a bit lost, not knowing how to approach it and where to begin.

My goal today is to highlight 5 of the best types of ecommerce product videos to post on social media and grow your brand. But before we dive in, I want to first lay down three key notes to always keep in mind.


1.     The most important thing is to begin.

Ok, let’s face it, if you’re just starting, you probably won’t nail it from the beginning. You’ll create content that works, but also content that flops. But the most important thing is to begin, and not give up. Be patient, in time you’ll learn both how to come up with better and better videos, as well as what your audience enjoys the most.


2.     Don’t overthink it. It’s easier than it seems.

No, you don’t need expensive, professional cameras and set-ups. The average smartphone nowadays is more than enough to create quality content which your customers will enjoy. Apart from that, all you need is a bright room, really. Find a nice spot next to a big window, and you’re set.

You don’t even need complicated software to edit videos any more. Have you actually seen how easy it is to make a TikTok? And besides, even if you want something more complex, today there are tools which are very helpful and easy to use.


3.     Consistency is key.

If you really want for all of this to work, you must set up a goal, and absolutely stick to it. No excuses. No matter how busy you get, you should be posting, and you should be posting often. For instance, on Instagram, it takes up to 4-7 videos per week to maximise the number of new accounts reached.


5 types of ecommerce product videos to scale your brand on social media


Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos are an easy but powerful way for you to show your products in action and showcase their benefits.

At this point, most consumers would rather watch a product demo video summarising product specs than read them in a description.

Besides, some features are hard to highlight with a simple description, or even a static image. Think about the way a certain fabric feels and moves, or how certain pieces of clothing look when a model is wearing them and walking in them. Or think about gadgets, and how you feel way more enticed to try it out if you see someone using it and being happy with it.

The main reason why most people are reluctant to buy online is that it’s harder to ‘feel’ and ‘see’ the product as they would in a physical shop. And video is the best way to take down this barrier and help people better understand why it’d be great for them to buy that product.

Keep these videos short – no more than 30 seconds, irrespective of platform, and make sure that you get at least a close-up of the product. And most importantly, make it fun and entertaining.


Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are a huge internet phenomenon. When done right, there’s something about them that keeps the viewer glued to the screen. People don’t even have to be interested in your product to enjoy an unboxing video. There’s even an ASMR unboxing trend, so, the possibilities are endless here.

One other reason they’re so popular is because they generate excitement and anticipation for your product. This type of video can be particularly effective for new product releases, limited edition products, or exclusive items, but not only. It can also be used to show off the packaging and design of your product, which can be an important factor in a customer's purchasing decision.

These types of videos are great both for platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, but also in longer versions for YouTube, where they can be up to a few minutes long.


Short Animated Videos of Product Collections, Best-Sellers, and Discounts

Unlike product demos or unboxing videos, where you should be filming yourself or someone else presenting your products, these short, animated videos are great for showcasing one or multiple products in a simple yet impactful way.

Imagine this: You spend hours every day managing your products. You add beautiful new visuals for each of them on your website, you tweak the prices and add discounts so the products are more appealing, easing the purchasing decision of customers.

It’d be a waste not to translate all this effort into social media content as well. You’ve just added a discount? Make a short, 5 seconds video where you show the product and the great deal your customers get. You’ve got some nice new arrivals? Include the new collection into an engaging products carousel video so your audience is constantly kept up to date.

When you manage hundreds of products, this may seem like too big of an effort. But there are tools today that are extremely easy to use, making the process a no brainer. And trust me, it can yield great results. 


Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust and credibility for your brand. They provide social proof that other people have used your product and had a positive experience. There’s a reason why we tend to always check the reviews before making a purchasing decision.

By posting this kind of videos, you show your audience how happy your customers are, without them having to go and check the written reviews on your website. You do their research for them.

Reach out to your happy, recurring customers and ask them if they’d be up for it. As they already love your brand, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them.


Behind-the-scenes Videos

Remember: Video builds trust between you and your audience.

Behind-the-scenes videos provide a glimpse into the production process and the people behind your brand. This can help create a more personal connection with your followers and make them feel more invested in your business.

Depending on your niche, these videos can also show the level of care and craftsmanship that goes into creating your products, which can help build credibility.

Wrapping up

These are just a few examples of product videos which are great for building your ecommerce brand on social media, engaging your audience, and finding new customers, as well as showcasing your products; however the list is definitely not exhaustive. 

There are tons of creative ways in which you can build impactful content without too much work. It’s important to keep an open mind for the new trends that appear, as well as platforms and tools that help ease the process.

But one thing’s for sure, video is currently the best way to promote your brand and your products online, and if you haven’t already, it’s time for you to jump on this trend, shine in front of your customers, and out-perform the competition.

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