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With, all you’ve got to do is define your brand vision, while we take care of the rest.

The average company needs to spend between $2’000 - $10’000 solely for the content creation part of their digital marketing campaigns. These amounts may seem feasible for some, however, others may feel intensely constrained by tight budgets and scarce creative resources. Besides, even with a more generous budget, the highly time-consuming aspect behind content creation may not allow businesses to experiment enough to build the brand identity they truly envision.

The mission is to solve these problems by offering all businesses the chance to shine on social media channels, to get discovered and to be appreciated for their true worth. In a few clicks, and at a fraction of the market price.

How? you will allow you to create thousands of videos showcasing your company’s brand image in all of its underlying qualities.

For instance, did you know that Instagram is the number one platform people choose to follow and interact with brands and companies they support, covering more than 60% of the market share?

Source: Statista - Brands on social media

Creating Instagram video posts, stories and reels promoting the events your company is hosting or attending, the news that are relevant for your audience or the causes you believe in and support, now becomes a breeze. Quickly input the details of the event and let create beautiful, impactful, and most importantly, relevant visuals.

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Or, perhaps, you wish to use Linkedin’s engine to advocate your employees or boost the open roles in your recruitment funnel and have targeted video content reaching the right people sharing the same values as you, who will end up filling these positions.

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No matter your choice of platform and content, all of it is now easy with, and while in these times repetitive content is no longer a viable strategy, we offer a wide range of functionalities designed for optimal personalization, allowing you to send consistent and impactful messages.

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Why video?

Video is undoubtedly the future. And since people's attention span is officially lower than that of a goldfish, short video content will dominate the social media playground in the decades to come.

Moreover, while 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool, 54% of consumers still want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support.

In this context, it becomes clear that it’s time for you to jump on that boat and navigate the competitive ocean of social media. And with the right tools at hand, you’ve got nothing else to do but get ready to shine.

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