when designing your in-shop customer experience you should not get stuck in standard setups, but you should think outside of the box, and consider all aspects of your business.

With restrictions imposed by governments all over the world driving a big shift in consumer patterns, from in-person to online e-commerce, it has become very difficult for the brick-and-mortar shops to operate profitable businesses.

This is why every dollar that is spent on infrastructure, every physical inch of the shop, and every effort spent in designing pricing strategies or promotional offers have to be in full synergy in order to maximize your bottom line.

There are a lot of tech providers out there that are talking about the future of digital signages, about DOOH or about dynamic signages. Yes, those are incremental enhancements of the existing digital signages landscape, but they are not the innovations that will significantly drive revenue up.

You need to understand the full business ecosystem in which digital signages are deployed. And this is exactly what we are doing at eyeris.io with the Relevant Content for Digital Signages (RCDS) solution.

eyeris.io RCDS is the solution intended to keep your digital signages in sync with the pricing and promotional offers available in your POS. It has a double role, as it serves both as an advertising medium (generating revenues similar to your slotting/shelving fees) and also maximizing the impact of all the pricing strategies or offers that you are currently deploying.

eyeris.io RCDS is merging product assets, pricing strategies and promotional offers with brand and styling information in order to produce high quality, dynamic and real-time videos that are automatically deployed to the digital signages CMS together with any specific scheduling, programming or rules set.

  • uploads in the eyeris.io workspace the standard resources that define your brand identity
  • creates and maintains eyeris.io dynamic templates to showcase product presentations, promotional offers or any special events
  • starts from the hundreds of prebuilt ready-to-use and quickly customizable templates, or from scratch using the eyeris.io advanced editor
  • define pricing and promotional strategies
  • negotiate third parties fees for digital signages slotting
  • plan and launch the commercial strategies
  • receives feeds with similar data as the ones pushed in ERPs and POS
  • creates high quality videos and provisions them to the CMS managing the digital signages. The provisioning is done considering all the scheduling, programming and all the rules provided in input feeds
  • optionally, an approval process can be put in place

Integrating eyeris.io RCDS solution in your physical store translates in increased revenue driven by three major factors:

an increase in sales driven by on-the-spot customer behavioral changes

the extra slotting /shelving fees collected from partner brands

a considerable reduction in creative budgets, as high quality content is dynamically generated by the eyeris.io platform

If you need more details, want to see a demo or to conduct a POC don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to innovate with you, while inspiring and amazing your customers!

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